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Knightdale, NC Transmission Repair, Replacement, & Service from Built to Last

Do you think you’ve got a transmission service problem on your hands in Knightdale, NC? Built to Last has the answer – a free transmission inspection! At Built to Last, we always go the extra mile to provide extraordinary value for you, our valued customer. We will carefully inspect your transmission and provide you a proper solution!

To Service or Not to Service – That is the Question

On many occasions, we find the transmissions that need service only require a minor repair or simple fix for the problem. Or we may even find that your cv joint or other component may need the most attention in your vehicle. Call one of those brand name vehicle repair shops and they may charge you full price for a transmission replacement or rebuild that you don’t really need!

Don’t Delay, Contact Built to Last Today!

Built To Last offers expert transmission repair and replacement services in a convenient location for Knightdale, NC drivers. Call or visit us today to learn how we can service any make or model!