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Transmission Repair Raleigh, NC

Transmission problem? Chances are that if you took your vehicle to the dealer, they told you it’s time to for a transmission replacement or overhaul. Get a second opinion at Built to Last. Our Raleigh transmission repair pros offer free estimates and are happy to answer your questions.

While replacements and rebuilds are sometimes necessary, in the case of valve body work and some other problems, skilled transmission repairs are all it takes to get your car up and running reliably again. Less costly than transmission replacements and quicker than rebuilds, repairs save you time and money.

Common Transmission Problems
From low transmission fluid to faulty electrical components, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this complex piece of machinery. Visit our common transmission problems page to learn about symptoms and what you can do to prevent them.

Repairing Raleigh’s Transmissions For Over 25 Years
Built to Last is the name to know when you need transmission repairs. Located on Wake Forest Road, we serve customers from across the Triangle, including Raleigh, Cary, Knightdale, Garner and the surrounding areas. Call Built to Last today – we look forward to serving you!

Valve Body Repairs
Below we’ve provided a few examples of transmission problems that can be fixed without an overhaul, by just repairing the valve body:

  • 5R55W or 5R55S transmission (Ford Explorers ‘02 & newer) – Code 1740, which is lock-up slippage, can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • 4L60E transmission (Chevy vehicles ‘95 to ‘07) – Code 1870, which is trans component slippage, can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • U151 transmission (some Toyotas & Lexus) – 2-3 shuttle or bind up can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • TF-81SE or AWF21 transmission (some Fords, Lincolns, Mercuries & Mazdas) – rough shifts, bump down shifts above 30 mph, part throttle down shift bang, flares during shifts and kick down, rough coast down shifts, TCC slippage, shudder and poor shift quality can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • AW55-50SN, RE5F22A or AF33-5 transmission (some Volvos, Nissans, Saabs, Saturns, Chevys & Pontiacs) – delayed bang drive engagement, 4-3 and 3-2 coast clunk, 2-3 and 3-4 cut loose kick down runaway, converter slippage and shudder can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • 5L40E transmission (some Cadillacs & BMWs) – Code PO735, meaning a 5th year ratio error, can be fixed by repairing the valve body.
  • 09D/AW-TR-60SN transmission (Volkswagen Touareg & Porsche Cheyenne) – rough shifts, flares during up shifts and kick downs, rough coast down shifts, no pressure rise TCC slip and shudder can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • 09G or TF-60SN transmission (some Audis, BMWs & Volkswagens) – harsh up shifts, cut loose or slips during up shifts, delayed bang neutral drive, coast down clunks and slow or no pressure rise TCC slippage can be fixed with valve body repairs.
  • AW4 or A341E transmission (some Toyotas, Land Cruisers & Lexus) – soft shifts and lazy kick downs can be fixed with valve body repairs. We can also fix TCC slips or shudders by repairing the valve body.